Hello there.
Thomas Russell
17 years old
Make any Thomas the Tank Engine references and I'll probably want to punch you.
-Probably bisexual
-Pianist, guitarist, ukulele...ist?
-Martial artist
-Occasional traceur
-Demon hunter
-Consulting detective
-Agent of LEPrecon
-Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
-Mutant and proud
-State Alchemist
-Dragon Rider of Berk & Alagaesia
-Ranger of Middle Earth
-Ranger of Araluen
-Ranger of the Night's Watch
-Red Power Ranger
-Member of the Les Amis
-Gryffindor (with Hufflepuff tendencies)
-Member of the Midnight Crew
-Keyblade wielder
-Protector of the Triforce of Courage
-Zombie killer
-Adventurer of Ooo
-Teen Titan
-Member of the Scout Regiment




If a police officer’s job is to uphold and enforce the law — literally their one and only job description — and you knew that almost half of police officers think they’re above the law, what does that say? If half of them admitted it on a survey how many more do you think actually feel this way? 

What if I told you half of doctors don’t care about patient well-being, or half of farmers don’t care about growing crops, or half of our presidents dislike the public?

The law in itself is super problematic and terrible, but if on top of that police officers don’t even adhere to that at the very least, what does that tell you about the justice system? 

hey look what i found in my likes from a year ago 

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if you don’t know what my voice sounds like you should keep it that way for your own sake


do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown

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*starts typing text post*

*realizes nobody cares*

*stops typing text post*


i love car rides so much that i actually get disappointed when we reach our destination

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